Working with Merton Council

Sustainable Merton is not part of Merton Council. That said, Sustainable Merton interacts with the council on many levels.

The council’s approach to climate change and sustainability is most clearly explained in their Climate Change Strategy. Sustainable Merton helped to develop this document, although regrettably some of the original commitments were removed after it had been through Council.

We have also responded to other consultations, such as the South London Waste Plan.

Sustainable Merton cannot expect to always agree with the Council but it isn’t enough to only criticise. There are many knowledgeable and committed Council officers who have helped us beyond the call of duty. In return, Sustainable Merton is building up an understanding of the way Councils operate. It is a continuous learning process.

What can I do?

There are no end of opportunities to become involved in this side of Sustainable Merton. In every area of Council work – education, planning, parks, schools…somebody needs to speak up for sustainability. You can also find yourself helping to put together bids for thousands of pounds of central government funding for environmental projects. So whether you have a specialist area of interest or want to work on the big picture, the opportunities are waiting.


The members and supporters of Sustainable Merton come from a wide range of political backgrounds. We are not aligned with any particular political party. We are pleased to work with everyone who has a real commitment to sustainability.