Tip of the Week

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  • 19/12/13 – Here at Sustainable Merton, we’re using old recycled + biodegradable shopping bags to wrap our Christmas presents… Present Wrapping(see picture to the right).
  • 12/12/13  Christmas is a time for indulging, but as more food is consumed, a considerable amount is also wasted! Enjoy a more sustainable (and less costly!) Christmas by using the Love Food Hate Waste Christmas Portion Calculator to work out just how much food you need to cater for everyone.
  • 05/12/13 – As today is world soil day, we thought we’d share a few tips from the Soil Association on how to care for our soil.
  • 28/11/13 – Although many plants either die off or enter a state of dormancy during winter, now is the time for any gardeners and allotmenteers to grab your thermals and start preparing for the new year by clearing stubborn and unwanted weeds and adding compost & rotted manure to boost the quality of your soil.
  • 21/11/13 – To keep up to date with Sustainable Merton/local news & events, why not send a message to susatainablemerton@googlemail.com, with your name included and we’ll send you a copy of our monthly newsletter.
  • 14/11/13 – Interested in buying without packaging? Refill, eat well and WASTE LESS with Chick & Pea @ Merton Abbey Mills! Visit Chick & Pea every Saturday for organic, fair trade dried goods at excellent prices and don’t forget your containers!
  • 05/11/13 – With Halloween celebrations coming to an end, we thought we’d share a short article reminding all of us to compost our ‘jack-o-lanterns’.
  • 18/10/13 – As the weather gets colder, you may be starting to consider switching on your heating… If so, turning down your thermostat just a couple of degrees (to 18-20ºC) – a temperature difference you won’t even notice, will help you to save money on your energy bill, as well as reduce your impact on the environment.
  • 10/10/13 – Today is World Mental Health Day 2013, and we wanted to remind you of the positive impact that gardening can have on those suffering from mental health problems. Gardens/allotments can ‘provide an oasis of calm and somewhere peaceful to escape to’ and this can help to ‘raise self-esteem and reduce stress’ for sufferers. Community allotments are a great place to start and can bring people from all backgrounds together.
  • 24 /09/13 – The changing weather can play havoc with our skin, so why not try this DIY Coconut Honey Face Scrub & Mask to gently exfoliate, renew & hydrate your face (& body). Honey is also great for healing blemish prone skin and leftovers of this tasty treat can even be spread on toast.
  • 17/09/13 – Enjoy a range of locally sourced, homemade fruit products, including jams, chutneys & fruit pies etc., plus games for all the family at Abundance Fruit Day 2013! (Saturday 21st September, 11am – 2pm, St. Mark’s Church, Wimbledon)
  • 09/09/13 – As it is National Organic Month…why not sign up to the Sutton Community Farm VegBag Scheme , their food is not only organic but also locally sourced and seasonal.
  • 03/09/13 – It’s National Zero Waste week 2013, so we thought we’d set you the challenge of trying not to bring any new plastic into the house for the rest of the week… It’s a tough one, but it will hopefully show you just how much we actually use and waste!
  • 19/08/13 – Wildlife gardening is a great way to get the children out of the house and enjoying & exploring nature. Making their very own bug hotel using recycled materials will provide the perfect home for invertebrates (e.g. centipedes & spiders) – enabling them to nest or escape from predators and harsh weather. Big or small, get creative and get building!
  • 12/08/13 – As it’s blueberry season (Jun to Sept), why not whip up a delicious smoothie to make the most of any berries you have been growing or buying while they are at their best! http://www.food.com/recipe/creamy-blueberry-smoothie-108931
  • 08/08/13 – If you have an excess of produce on your allotment plot, why not donate it to Abundance Wimbledon (a local project aiming to make use surplus fruit) or directly to a food bank, so as it doesn’t go to waste. Visit the Abundance Wimbledon website to find out more.
  • 30/07/13 – Make the most of those summer showers by ensuring that all water storage tanks and butts etc. are in place to collect rainwater for thirsty plants and crops. Also remember to use eco friendly washing up liquid, so as you can utilise this water too.
  • 15/07/13 – With festival session under way, don’t take a cheap tent with you and leave it there as they end up in landfill, also refill your water bottle at the taps provided on site.
  • 08/07/13 – An eco-friendly summer picnic is a great way to enjoy the sunshine and your local environment. Remember to opt for local, in-season fruit & veg; choose reusable cloth napkins; and pick a spot within walking/biking distance if possible.
  • 01/07/13 – With the nice weather why not try having an eco-friendly barbecue. Try to avoid using paper plates and plastic cutlery and turn leftover food into another meal the next day for either lunch or dinner. Check out Love Food Hate Waste for tips on making the most of your barbecue.
  • 24/06/13 – It’s the start of the 2013 Wimbledon tennis Championships today and, if you plan on joining in with the long standing strawberries & cream tradition, don’t forget to purchase your punnets from local sources and support British growers!
  • 17/06/13 – To save water, remember to use your washing up water rather than running the tap when rinsing out items needing a quick clean before they can be popped into your recycling box. For more hints and tips on recycling and to get involved with Recycle Week 2013, visit Recycle Now.
  • 10/06/13 – If you have fruit leftover why not use them to make natural face masks. Fruit such as bananas or plums can be mashed up and blended with other ingredients such as honey or yoghurt. The following websites have good recipes:

Channel 4 – Homemade Face Masks

Make it and Mend it – Homemade scrubs and masks

Wikihow – Natural Face Masks

  • 03/06/13 – As it’s the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week (3-7 June 2013) for nurseries and schools, we thought we’d share some healthy breakfast ideas to help kick start your mornings – Each recipe takes only 15 minutes, so there’s always time to begin your day the healthy way! http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes_menus/recipe_slideshows/healthy_breakfast_recipes_in_15_minutes?slide=1#leaderboardad
  • 30/05/13 – Vinegar can be used in lots of useful ways and it’s not just for cooking. Try using vinegar to clean with or in the garden instead of other products that can have lots of harmful chemicals in them. Check out Vinegar Tips for ideas on using vinegar to clean, garden and cook with.
  • 21/05/13 – It’s National Vegetarian Week (20-24 May 2013) so try and make one of your meals this week vegetarian and for recipes and events happening in the local area check out the National Vegetarian Week website.
  • 13/05/13 – It’s important to cleanse, tone and moisturise to keep your skin looking and feeling its best, but why not try Simply Gentle’s 100 % Soil Association certified organic cotton pads to remove cream cleansers or apply refreshing toners? Gentle on you, the environment and farmers, this simple switch is one that will make a big difference all round! Get yours from Health Zone’s Wimbledon store, or visit: http://www.healthzoneuk.com/index.html
  • 07/05/13 – Watering your plants in the summer is important but it is best to do it in the morning or at night to avoid the water evaporating.