Jargon Buster

biodiversity = originates from ‘biological diversity’ and refers to the variety of living organisms in the world

carbon footprint = an estimate of the amount of carbon released (and therefore the potential climate change impact) as a result of something. This can, for example, be an item, action, organisation or country.

climate change = the change in earth’s climate which is, at least partly, due to human activity that has altered the composition of the atmosphere in addition to natural climate variation

food miles = the distance between where the food is grown and where it is eaten

ecosystem = the system of interaction and interdependence between organisms and the environment

peak oil = the point at which, as a non-renewable resource, the rate of oil extraction from the earth is at its maximum and will inevitably decline

water footprint = an indicator of water used directly and indirectly as a result of something, (for example, an item, action, organisation or country).