Getting About

Go by train

  • Let the train take the strain – cut costs by advance booking and railcard discounts
  • Rethink how you holiday – let the train ride be part of the adventure and visit Europe by train this year

Walk or cycle whenever you can

  • It’s good for your health and can be quicker than sitting in queues of traffic
  • If more people walked instead of driving our roads would be less congested
  • If you haven’t cycled for a while there are refresher courses for adults

Using a car

  • Leave the car at home for short journeys
  • Organise carpools and share  journeys whenever you can
  • Investigate local car club schemes  – book your rental car online or by phone, pick it up from close by and drive away! There is no upkeep or admin involved as insurance, road tax and maintenance are all taken care of
  • Check your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure – you can save as much as 5 per cent on fuel
  • Remove unnecessary heavy loads from the boot or roof of your car – they just burn off more fuel
  • Turn off the engine if your car is stationary for two minutes or more
  • Use a bucket when you wash your car – this uses up to 125 litres less water than a hosepipe