Awareness Raising

People have to know about the threats to the environment before they take action.

Sustainable Merton launched with a showing of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ at the Wimbledon Odeon and ever since there has been a series of discussions around our showings of other films like ‘Crude Impact’, ‘The End of Suburbia’ and ‘The Power of Community’. This has proved to be an effective and sociable way to get people thinking about sustainability issues.

But we also spread the word the old-fashioned way. A Thames Community Foundation grant helped finance our co-ordinator Tom Walsh to visit schools, church halls, libraries, pubs and wherever else he can find an audience. The Wimbledon Civic Forum has been helpful in arranging debates; some of which turned out to be quite exciting. And of course Sustainable Merton takes the traditional trestle table to local events.

The local ‘Guardian‘ newspaper has given some of Sustainable Merton’s projects front page coverage. We are grateful for the regular coverage we receive.

Sustainable Merton also believes it is important to take the chance to put our point of view across on local matters, such as planning. This may mean speaking at community forums and council meetings, writing to the newspapers and to Councillors…even if it means not always being popular.

We have had a good start but it could be better. Too many environmental groups spend their time preaching to the converted – if we are to break out of this we need fresh thinking. Do you have an interest in communications, the media, lobbying and generally putting across the sustainability message? If so, get in touch!